Geissler's Association with the Journal of Applied Psychology

The End

1. Beginning with volume 5 (1921), both Hall and Geissler were replaced as editors.  No explanation was given in the journal.

2. After Geissler moved to R-MWC, Titchener wrote and encouraged him to apply for E. C. Sanford's position that was being vacated by retirement at Clark University.  Geissler's reply included:

There are several strong reasons why I would not consider the place.  In the first place, Pres. Atwood and I are incompatibles, on account of the despicable treatment he gave me in connection with the J. Appl. Psychology.

3. Edwin Starbuck wrote to Geissler requesting some reminiscences of Hall.  Geissler's reply included:

I have known him rather well while I was a member of Clark University Faculty, 1916-1920; during which time we were also thrown together in an editorial capacity, since he had helped me to establish at Clark  the Journal of Applied Psychology, which with the change of administration after President Hall's resignation, was forced out of my hands.


Thomas, R. K. (In press).  Ludwig Reinhold Geissler and the Founding of the Journal of Applied PsychologyAmerican Journal of Psychology.

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