Geissler and the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology

1913 (8th meeting) - member

1913-1914 - Council for 2-year term

1914 - Secretary-Treasurer for 3-year term

1927 - re-elected to Council

1929 - President


Geissler's presidential year was marked by a controversy that involved rescheduling the meeting, a task that fell to Geissler.  The meeting was moved from the University of Missouri to the University of Kentucky to protest U. Missouri's suspension of Max Meyer, a member of SSPP, and two of his colleagues for administering a controversial questionnaire to students. 

Geissler's 1929 presidential address, "The Objectives of Objective Psychology," was published that same year in the Psychological Review (volume 36, pages 353-374).                                                                        

The address provided a compelling historical examination of the mind-body relationship issue.  Geissler's analysis was a good as any contemporary consideration of the scholarly tension associated with mind-brain relationship questions, e.g., the tension between cognitive psychology and behavioral neuroscience on matters pertaining to the "mind".

Following several months of leave-of-absence from his duties at Randolph Macon Woman's College, Geissler died on December 15, 1932, of cardiovascular disease.


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